Mar 23, 2023

Finance Industry: Investment Banking Trends

  • By Andrew T.,
Finance Industry: Investment Banking Trends

Over the years, technological advancements have also impacted the investment bank industry. This industry was booming like never before. Investors and Clients need to focus on the current trends in investment banking to keep themselves competitive among other professionals.

Here are some of the important trends in investment banking:

Focus on Customers

Gone are the days when banks keep their primary focus on their sales and products than consumer’s experiences. Time teaches them the value of their clients. They are delighted to have a few but happy clients rather than a dozen unstable customers. This makes their business more stable and consistent. Also, it is one of the significant factors that determine the growth of their organization. They began using the technologies to interact with customers and connect with them closer than ever. Investment banks gain benefits by using such technology to serve their clients more than they deserve.


Emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing are used in this industry to conveniently identify the fraud services and cybercrimes, which took place in the organization. Also, the regulations are strengthened to avoid further risks. Since the excitement among people over the ease of regulatory laws is more, it is recommended to take action sensibly on this trend. Certain practices got stabilized once after imposing regulations that are implemented after the financial crisis. Due to this, the tax rates and interest rates seem to be in favour of bank sectors. Thus it provides an opportunity for the banks to invest more and stay competitive. Despite compliance, some regulations will be unchanged. Therefore the professionals should have the least expectations on the fair treatment of clients.

Investing in Technology

Even though some sectors are suspicious about the reliability of Technology, Investment banks can make the best out of it. This sector has been in a position to get adapted to technologies like cryptocurrency and cybersecurity. An estimate shows that in the following year the banks will invest $219 Billion in Information Technology. It seems to be a $20 Billion rise from the year 2017. Most of these funds will be spent on security measures like Artificial Intelligence through which the customers will be protected. Since tech seems to be one of the most significant trends in investment banking. They also can utilize Cloud computing technology to secure customer’s data and can assist them with the help of Fintech.

A Shift in the Workforce

Tech also impacts the working culture of professionals in the banking sector. Some employees may feel uncomfortable adapting to these technologies in investment banking. Even though online banking is a convenient method for people, the face to face customer service is still reliable in this sector. Thus, automation will not reduce the jobs but bring some alteration to everyday tasks. However, employees need to focus on technology as well. Both managers and employees need upskilling to sustain in the market.

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